The Soft/Hard/No Top
Option for the 2021+ Ford Bronco


The Details

-One of a kind design makes it compatible with a soft-top, hard-top, or no-top (4 doors)

-No Drilling Required

-All fasteners, tools, and protective film included

-100% Aluminum system with a total weight of 100 pounds

-Load Capacity: 500 Dynamic / 800 Static

-Patented “Slide” System allows removal of the 50 pound basket, while using other sections of the rack system

-Modular with built in light bar mount and molle panels

-Reversible design provides both flat surface and basket capabilities

-Low profile design

-Installation video available below

-$2,800 (excluding tax & shipping)


How it started

RAKET was created with the idea of building a multi-purpose rack system for the 6G Ford Bronco.  As a Bronco owner myself I looked over the large amount of racks in the market and couldn’t find one that fit my needs.

Now the RAKET system is a combination of practicality and flexibility.  The system provides a strong base of mounts & brackets to work in conjunction with the Bronco platform.  No drilling or modification required to remove or attach after the initial installation.  The RAKET system will be compatible will all hard/soft/no top variations of the Bronco…whether it’s a 2 door, a 4 door, or a Bronco Raptor.

Each rack system is fabricated and manufactured in the United States with quality in mind.  Over 97% of all sourced material, metal, and fasteners are also U.S owned.  Visit our store to learn how to order yours today. 


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